Titanized Druzy Pendant

Titanized Druzy Pendant


Pendant in Sterling Silver and Titanized Druzy; inspired by the contours of the stone itself. Can you see the man in the moon? I custom made the bezel to fit the stone, surrounded it with swirly sterling silver castings and attached a jump ring for hanging from a chain or ribbon.

Titanized druzy has been coated with a thin layer of titanium which adds sparkle. This piece sparkles in icy colors of blue, green, silver, and pink depending on how the light hits.

The stone is 30mm across, the entire piece measures 6cm in diameter. 

This is an original, never to be repeated design featuring an exceptional stone. All the metal is either fine or sterling silver, securely soldered.

The chain in the last picture is not included. Shipping includes insurance and delivery confirmation where available.

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