Art Nouveau Labradorite Necklace

Art Nouveau Labradorite Necklace


Two beautiful pieces of labradorite with shifting colors in the grey depths are accented by a cast piece of sterling silver vine in art nouveau style and an elegant twining chain.

I custom made the bezels to fit the labradorites. The top stone is a pointed oval with shades of yellow and green dancing in the light. The bottom stone is a long tear drop shape with more blue and green colors. The design and soldering are mine. All the metal is fine or sterling silver. The chain measures 20" with an extra jump ring that can reduce the length to 18". This is my own design and there will never be another just like it. I purchased these beautiful stones from the man who cut them at our local gem show. 

The focal part of the necklace is 1.25" wide and 2" long.

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