Amber Pagoda Ring

Amber Pagoda Ring


This one of a kind statement ring will make an impact on a night out! It features a butterscotch amber cabochon elevated by sterling filigrees over a silver disk. Tucked between the disc and cabochon on the front is an oval amethyst, opposite it a triangle cut blue topaz. The filigree is dotted with small round chrome diopside as well as more amethyst and blue topaz.

The 4mm wide sterling silver band is a size 8.5.

Amber 12mm round, pale yellow swirls cabochon in a custom made bezel
Amethyst: 1 oval 5mm x 7mm, 2 3mm rounds
Chrome diopside: 2 4mm rounds
Blue Topaz: 1 6mm trilliant, 2 3mm rounds

From base plate to top of amber cab the ring is 3/4" tall and almost 1" wide at the base.

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