Turban-Style Dupioni Silk-Wrapped Hat

Turban-Style Dupioni Silk-Wrapped Hat


This hat is blocked from charcoal grey 100% wool and draped in three shades of dupioni silk, emulating the wrap turbans popular in the 1930's and 60's.  

I hand blocked this lovely wool over a vintage fez hat form, stiffened it with gelatin stiffener and trimmed it to shape before applying the wire around the brim and the purple grosgrain ribbon band.  I then draped the royal purple, lavender, and pale grey dupioni silk, weaving the fabric bands over each other and securing with strategic hand stitching to create beautiful textured folds.

This hat can fit on the top of the head or tilted back and secured with hat pins.  It is 7" tall and about 22" at the base.

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