Feather Mohawk

Feather Mohawk


As light as the proverbial feather and comfortable to wear, this black feather mohawk will turn heads.  Most feather mohawks are quite bulky and heavy and require a lot of hair to support it, but not so with my design.  Feathers are sewn on in a spiral to buckram circle backings, which are then connected to each other with nylon horsehair braid.  The shape keeps the feathers upright and the nylon braid makes the piece flexible to conform to the shape of your head.  

Attach it with bobby pins through the open nylon braid, or weave your own hair between the sections for the ultimate in camouflage.  

Rocking the bald look?  These still can be worn! Contact me for details.

To see pictures of this style being worn on the runway visit my facebook page.

It measures 10" from front to back and averages 5.5" tall.

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