if necessity is the mother of invention, then imagination is the father.

Almost a decade ago I bought a bunch of metal scales intending to make armor. But, I hated the tedium of linking each ring. The frugal part of me couldn't waste the scales, so after much thought and experimentation, Dragonhide knitted armor was born. 

My shop was just a little hobby before I introduced my technique. But, oh, how it's taken off. Now it is a full time job. I knit scale armor several hours a day. When I'm not knitting, I'm sewing from patterns I drafted. I've recently branched into making steampunk bustles, from Victorian and historically accurate to strictly ornamental. When I'm not doing that, I'm hitting estate sales searching out quality and vintage fabrics to use. (Latest find: vintage textiles from the estate sale of the former textile curator of the MOMA!) In the little time left over, I am a silversmith.