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Emerald City Comicon

Posted February 14 by Crystal

Come celebrate the glory of geekdom with me at Emerald City Comicon March 27-29 at the Washington State Convention Center (booth 910). Last year was great and this year will be even better with new products including the Ratinator headpiece and bustles full of steampunkish glory. Look for the burning dress and the 3D homage to our gorgeous climate as well as my new line of weaponry that doubles as a purse for ladies who need to be prepared for every occasion.

Season's Greetings

Posted November 21, 2014 by Crystal

The year is winding down, and I am still working four weeks out for custom orders. So, if you want something for Christmas giving, order soon. I'm working on fun new projects, as well as expanding my ever-growing Dragonhide line.

Childhood Idols

Posted March 21, 2014 by Crystal

I am frantically busy prepping for Emerald City Comicon. If you are lucky enough to attend, I'm in spot 2701, right next to panel room 3. I'll have my awesome Dragonhide knitted scalemail as well as other goodies, all handmade here in the Pacific Northwest. I'll be the one geeking out over being in the same convention as not one, not two, but three of my childhood idols.

Otherworlds Featured Artist

Posted November 7, 2013 by Crystal

I am honored to be the featured artist of November at Otherworlds, a marvelous steampunk store in Edmonds WA. If you're in the area stop by, they're just a few blocks off the ferry terminal with a great selection of fantasy and sci-fi goods and games, as well as steampunk. Take a look here: Then walk over a couple of blocks and watch the ferry boats come in, or better yet go for a ride.

Custom Orders and Emererald City Comicon

Posted August 24, 2013 by Crystal

Crystal's Idyll will be Emerald City Comicon in March. Find us there. In the meantime, custom order completion time is currently three weeks, soon to be four. Things get very busy here as Christmas approaches. If you want a custom order for a gift this year I'd recommend ordering the early part of November. Sooner for my international customers.

Norwescon Art Show

Posted March 29, 2013 by Crystal

My work is on display at the Norwescon Art Show this weekend. Very exciting for me. If you came to my site from there here are some FAQ’s.

Do you take custom orders? Yes, I’m happy to take custom orders. You can see lots of colors and patterns in the knitted dragonhide here: Current custom order backlog is about 4 weeks.

Do you have items already made? Yes, I do have some items in stock that aren’t at the art show. They are here:

Do you sell patterns? Not yet, but I’m considering it.

Wow! That is a cool idea. I love it. (I know, not a question, but I hear it a lot and it never gets old.) Thank you, I’m glad you like it.

Belle Armoire

Posted Jan. 26, 2013 by Crystal

I am excited to be published in the current issue of Belle Armoire magazine. I submitted an entry to their upcycled purses challenge and was chosen as one of the winners.

Want to make your own purse out of old neckties? It is pretty simple. I started by drafting the simple envelope clutch pattern on paper and cutting out two layers of the lining fabric- one for actual lining and one to serve as the base for the weaving. I then placed the neckties with the narrow points hanging off of the pointed edge of the base fabric. I tacked them down and wove more ties the other way until the entire base was covered. Once they were basted in place I laid the lining over it and sewed it right sides together, leaving a gap for turning. I tucked the tie points in as I sewed so they would hang free once it was turned. When it was right side out I hand stitched the gap and pressed it well. A few of the tie points required hidden hand stitching to make them lay properly. I finished it by sewing on a snap and dotting vintage buttons over the flap.